We have changed our name to Love Leeds Parks. Read why here.

Why parks?

Benefits of public green space

Good quality parks and other public green spaces are essential for making cities great places to visit, work and live in. The many benefits of parks include improving health and reducing obesity, providing places for children to play and homes for wildlife, bringing communities together and beautifying the city. They also make a positive contribution to the environment by helping to keep the air clean and mitigating the growing impact of climate change. Love Leeds Parks isn’t just about supporting formal parks. It aims to enhance other types of public green spaces like woodlands, public rights of way, flower beds, cemeteries, village greens, recreation grounds and nature reserves. See what difference your donation will make.


  • There are over 600 public green spaces in the city.
  • The most popular reasons for visiting Leeds parks are to get some fresh air, go for a walk, enjoy nature, exercise and relax
  • 75% of park users go to their favourite park at least once every two weeks in the summer
  • Regular contact with nature improves mental and physical health
  • Trees clean the air, cool urban temperatures and stabilise the soil
  • Parks and green spaces provide vital habitats for plants and wildlife
  • Parks provide spaces for people to interact promoting social cohesion