Leave a lasting legacy

A gift in your Will is a wonderful way to celebrate your love of parks and green spaces and leave a
legacy, once you have made provision for family and friends.

Any gift, no matter how large or small, can really make a difference. We assure you that whatever you leave will be used wisely and effectively to enhance public parks and green spaces in Leeds.

For more information about leaving a gift in your Will, take a look at the FAQs below, or get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

You can also give a donation in memory of a loved one, friend or pet to celebrate their life and ensure that parks remain special for future generations to enjoy.

Contact Love Leeds Parks on info@loveleedsparks.org.uk to discuss legacies or in memory donations. Or you can give an online donation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will my gift make a difference?

    Here’s what a gift could help us to do:

    • Plant trees to tackle climate change and connect people with nature
    • Build more playgrounds so children and young people can play and socialise safely
    • Help to improve access to parks for disabled people
    • Create wildflower meadows to attract bees and other pollinators
    • Increase access to good quality green spaces in deprived areas of the city
  • Do I need to make a Will?

    Having a Will isn’t a legal requirement, but it’s the only way to ensure that your estate is passed on to the people and charities that you want it to go to. We strongly recommend you have your Will drafted by a solicitor to ensure your wishes are properly carried out.

  • I want to leave a gift to Love Leeds Parks. What are the charity’s details?

    If you wish to include a gift to Love Leeds Parks in your Will you need to know our address and charity number:

    Love Leeds Parks
    Farnley Hall
    Hall Lane
    LS12 5HA

    Love Leeds Parks is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales with the charity number: 1193205.

  • What type of gift can I leave?

    There are three ways to leave us a gift in your Will:

    • A pecuniary gift – a fixed sum of money/cash which can be linked to the index of retail prices, allowing your gift to keep its value in line with inflation
    • A residuary gift – the gift of all (or part) of the value of your estate after debts, liabilities and other gifts have been paid
    • A specific gift or a gift in kind – a particular item e.g. anything from gardening tools or a valuable saleable item such as jewellery, art or furniture.
  • What wording should I use to include a gift to Love Leeds Parks in my Will?

    You can use the suggested wording below,
    depending on the type of gift you’d like to leave:

    • A pecuniary gift – “I leave the sum of _______ (in words) pounds £______ (in figures) to Love Leeds Parks, Farnley Hall, Hall Lane, Leeds LS12 5HA, registered charity number: 1193205.”
    • A residuary gift – “I leave _______ per cent of the residue of my real and personal estate to Love Leeds Parks, Farnley Hall, Hall Lane, Leeds LS12 5HA, registered charity number: 1193205.”
    • A specific gift or gift in kind – “I leave ______ to Love Leeds Parks, Farnley Hall, Hall Lane, Leeds LS12 5HA, registered charity number: 1193205.”
  • Can I specify how I would like my gift to be used?

    If you wish, when you leave us a gift you can choose where you would like your money to be spent (at a park you visit regularly and really love, for example). If you would like to choose a special park or green space to benefit from your gift, we suggest a minimum donation of £500 so that we can really make a difference there.

  • Should I tell you if I have left a gift to Love Leeds Parks?

    If you would like to inform us of your intentions, we can thank you and keep you updated on how your proposed gift can help support Love Leeds Parks in the future. It will also help us plan our work with more confidence and certainty.

  • Who should I contact for more information?

    If you are considering leaving a gift to us in your Will, please contact Love Leeds Parks at info@loveleedsparks.org.uk and we’ll be happy to help you through the process or discuss your plans.


Are you enthusiastic about Leeds parks and green spaces, and have a bit of time to spare? Why not consider volunteering for us! We currently have voluntary positions available for photographers and trustees.

For more information about the roles available, please get in touch by email: info@loveleedsparks.org.uk

Become a trustee

We are seeking high-calibre individuals, from a wide range of backgrounds representing the people of Leeds, to join our Board of Trustees.

We want to hear from you if you have a passion for green spaces and the drive to contribute to their enhancement for the benefit of Leeds’ communities.

For more information about the opportunity, please contact us by email at info@loveleedsparks.org.uk


Businesses can invest in our city’s greener future by:

  • Making a donation to one of our fundraising campaigns.
  • Organising a fundraising activity in your workplace, or hosting a donation tin.
  • Downloading our Invest in Our City’s Future poster here.

For more information contact us by emailing info@loveleedsparks.org.uk

Fundraising Regulator

We’re proud to be registered with the Fundraising Regulator.