Leeds Coppice Workers Combat Erosion

Leeds Coppice Workers have completed the installation of bundles of sticks on the slopes of the Oak Wood at Meanwood Park and on the beck at Woodhouse Ridge. These bundles protect from erosion caused by high flood waters and rain fall by trapping silt and other debris, helping to reform banks and creating havens for seedlings to take hold.

The project, supported by a grant from our community grants programme, has been a success. The bundles at Meanwood Park have already begun to combat flooding by trapping silt which would otherwise have entered Meanwood Beck.

LCW have received positive feedback on social media, with one commenter saying, “Thanks guys! This is right by my house, my kids really appreciate it! They were so worried about the riverbank being swept away.”

The scheme has helped the group to strengthen relationships with other local organisations, and has raised the profile of their work. As a result, they are hoping to develop a similar project in the Wyke Beck Valley.

Find out more about LCW on their website: http://leedscoppiceworkers.co.uk/

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