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Philanthropy and Leeds Parks

Historically, donors to Love Leeds Parks are in good company – in fact, local philanthropists made a significant contribution to the network of public parks and green spaces we enjoy in the city today.

Public parks and other green spaces that were donated by landowners to the people of Leeds include:

  • Chevin Forest Park, Otley
  • Kirkstall Abbey
  • Kirk Lane Park, between Yeadon and Guiseley
  • Scatcherd Park, Morley
  • Batty’s wood on Woodhouse Ridge
  • Nethermoor Park, Guiseley and
  • Nunroyd park in Yeadon

Victorian philanthropists in particular were keen to create public parks because they valued them for their many health benefits, much as we do today – especially for people living busy lives in crowded and polluted cities.

Philanthropic donations to parks continue to this day. One notable example worth a mention is that of Arnold Ziff JP OBE (1927-2004), whose family have made a number of valuable contributions to Tropical World in Roundhay park.

For more information on the history of public parks in Leeds visit: https://futureofparks.leeds.ac.uk/about/

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