We have changed our name to Love Leeds Parks. Read why here.

The difference your donation will make

Hover over the figures below to find out what your donation might pay for

  • £30

    will pay for a bird or bat nest box to be bought and installed

  • £100

    will pay for 50 flowering bulbs (e.g. daffodils, tulips, bluebells) to be planted

  • £150

    will pay for a lesson in bushcraft or orienteering for 10 children and their families

  • £200

    will pay for a school class to visit a park or nature reserve to learn about wildlife or history

  • £1,000

    will pay for full set of tools for a local volunteer group

  • £10,000

    will pay for a teen shelter

  • £25,000

    a year will pay for a craft gardener for a year

  • £150,000

    will pay for a new playground