Give a Little Back

If you love parks and green spaces in Leeds, this is your chance to give something back!

Donations will support a wide variety of community-led projects to improve local parks and green spaces. These could range from creating wildflower meadows to constructing footpaths, installing benches to developing new playgrounds. For examples of projects previously funded by Love Leeds Parks see Projects We Have Funded.



Want to support our work in community green spaces? Donate here.

Help to Plant Trees

Leeds aims to plant 5.8 million trees in the next 25 years to help achieve its goal of becoming a carbon neutral city. Trees play an essential role in fighting climate change  as they absorb carbon and reduce the impact of adverse weather events, such as high temperatures and flooding.  They also have many other benefits in an urban environment including providing homes for wildlife, removing pollution from the air and beautifying the city.

Planting so many trees is a huge challenge which we are playing our part in by fundraising for the ambitious Leeds City Council led Woodland Creation scheme, based at The Arium, Leeds’ plant nursery where the trees are grown from seed.

Every £5 donated to our Help to Plant Trees fund will support the cultivation, planting and establishment of a tree from seed for its first five years.

Donate to our tree fund and help to plant trees in Leeds here.

Read more about how to contribute to the tree cultivation project at The Arium plant nursery here.