Celebrating Small Charity Week 2024!

This year, to celebrate Small Charity Week, we asked our Trustees to tell us why they love volunteering with us! Here’s what a few of them had to say.

Working in 6 parks in areas of acknowledged deprivation, we are making a difference by consulting communities, discovering talents and skills within them, encouraging them to set up and supporting events for all within their park.
Our charity has a small team who liaise with groups and other organisations to help deliver some of the events – the feedback is amazing! Our work shows directly the positive impact on local residents and businesses, and that gives me a warm glow of satisfaction

Lynda Kitching

I volunteer for my local Burley Park as I have walked and cycled through it for 30 years and it feels like we have made a bit of a difference in the last few years.
The orchards are established as planted 9 years ago and encouraging the council to relax the mowing has seen areas feel more natural and the bulb planting is adding to this.
With Love Leeds Parks, I am using more strategic and management skills. It’s interesting to work with other senior people and hear their perspectives. The context is working to address greenspaces equality which is really important in health inequality.

John Preston
Dean Ellison

I’ve been volunteering with Love Leeds Parks for just over a year. Access to green space is so important for our health and wellbeing, and I volunteer so that I can help ensure investment is spread equitably across Leeds

Dean Ellison

Volunteering for a small charity is massively rewarding – it feels like you can make a really positive impact by bring your skills & experience from your “normal” world to help the charity deliver its objectives.
But further to that it helps you develop your skills – a small charity can have a fast moving and wide variety of activities and being involved in them enhances your professional skills. It’s also great fun, learning how other organisations work and meeting fascinating people.

Justin Scully

A big thank you to all our trustees who volunteer with us year round, not just Small Charity Week!